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Site Update and Office Status

Hello everyone! With everything going on in the world regarding the COVID-19 scare and Ohio ordering a stay at home order we have made some change in how we operate. We have closed the office during this time until Governor Dewine updates us as to when the all clear is given. We have full access to all of our policy holder systems and are working remotely from home. All office calls are routed to us remotely so it is almost as nothing has changed.

We have left instructions at our front door in the event someone needs to make a cash payment in our drop slot. If you do, please call us and if it's after hours leave a voicemail so we can procure and process that payment.

Things have slowed down a bit and we are taking the time to update several things. Kerri and Sandra are busy with new marketing programs and I am working on updating this website. It's long overdue but I think you will find the improvements more appealing. Being an insurance agent is my day job, a website designer is the second hat. Bare with us/me as we transition and migrate some of the content into the new site. During this slow down window I hope to have this new site fully migrated.

Our daughter Courtney drew us this new logo. :)

- Jeff

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