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Erie Insurance Rewards Based Driving

Erie Insurance introduced a new incentive program in 2018 called Your Turn Rewards based on real world data. The telematics program began initially for youthful driver between 16 and 23 but has been expanded to include all drivers.


The program is optional and open for all drivers on an Erie personal auto policy. Initially launched for youthful operators age 16 to 23, it was expanded in the fall of 2019 to include adults as well. You can choose to enroll everyone or certain drivers on your policy.

'Bea-ing' rewarded as a conscious driver

The purpose of the program is to incentivize and reward good habits while providing advice on improving targeted driving habits. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country. Measuring phone distraction along with several other metrics this is a great tool to ascertain your own driving habits and help your kids.

How does this work?

The program is entirely run via a mobile app (only available via Google Play and Apple store) and your mobile phone. The YourTurn app from Erie Insurance and Cambridge Mobile Telematics provides feedback and gathers data about various aspects of your driving to help you become a better and safer driver.

The data categories that are scored include:

· Hard acceleration

· Hard braking

· Hard cornering

· Speeding

· Phone use/distraction

What information is used and how?

The data collected via the program is NOT used to factor any rating of your Erie auto policy. You will not see rate ANY increases or decreases by either your enrollment/participation in the program or from the data being used to score the drivers. The data is solely used to manage the metrics of the program and calculate your rewards. Details within the app provides a coherent terms of use and privacy statement.

The loot...

User's of the program will be scored on a scale of 0-100 every 2 weeks with an opportunity to earn between $5 and $10. The maximum reward for adults is $5 and youthful drivers 16-23 is $10. The balance of your reward is maintained within the app and can be redeemed at any time for gift cards at various retailers (like Amazon, iTunes, Dunkin Donuts), or donated to charity.

Get rewarded

To get enrolled into the program all you need to do is call or message us of your desire to start getting rewarded. Include or have ready the mobile phone number of each driver you wish to enroll as this is needed to initialize the accounts. Once we have opted you and your drivers in a one time welcome text is sent to download the app.

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