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The 101 on Insurance

There are many types of insurance that can provide financial restitution for all sorts things from injury and damage to cars, homes and even people.  The basic function of insurance it to transfer the risk of accidental loss and make it financially manageable.  In substituting your payment of a small, known fee – an insurance premium, your insurance company assumes the risk of a large loss and promises to pay in the event of a loss. 


Depending on your decision of which products and/or endorsements to purchase can determine what, when and how much is paid in a loss. It is our goal within this section to present some topics of basic information and materials that will help customers and visitors better understand their policies and content within them.

The menu list below will provide a greater breakdown of specific policy types and their contents.


Common Policy Types

Front of Car
Auto Insurance

Drive into the details of a typical auto policy and learn the in's and out's of its limits.


The importance of knowing and understanding  your liability limits is crucial to avoid a large financial loss.

Bea mindful when asking for "full coverage".

Luxury Home
Home & Property

Your home is your castle and it needs fortified.  Knowing the options (endorsements) available to you on your home policy is an essential step.

Why is my home insured for so much?  Understand the difference between "Market Value" and Replacement Cost.

Family Fun
Life Insurance

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Business Insurance

Commercial insurance is a lot more than just protecting brick and mortar. 

Learn about protecting your business from wrongful termination & harassment claims, business income protection and other optional coverage.

Insurance Agent
Catastrophe / Umbrella

Be more prepared for the unexpected. A large, catastrophic liability claim could financially ruin your business or bankrupt you personally.

Can you afford not to have an extra piece of mind?

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